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A Prologue

Here is something I’m starting on. 🙂


“No,” cries a little girl of about nine, “please don’t go. You not be able to find her. And we lose you too.”
“But I have to try, Vittoria. You know I do,” replies an older girl, quite obviously her sister. She is wrapping up, preparing to go out into the swirling snow outside their door.
“But-what’ll we do if you don’t come back? Papa, Mama, and Benito won’t be home for days. I can’t take care of Samuele on my own.” pleads Vittoria.
“Then Theresa and I will just have to return, won’t we?” the elder says sensibly. She hugs Vittoria and kiss Samuele on his cheek. “Don’t go outside. Just stay in and take care of Sammy. If you run out of wood, burn the furniture. Burn anything you can think of. I love you.”
And so she slips out into the storm as her little sister watches.


“Ah…and that’s it, I’m afraid. That’s all I have.”

~The 10th Doctor; season 3, episode 10 (“Blink”)


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A Blog and Story Begin!

Hi there,
My name is Christine. As you know, I am a history geek, but some other things I enjoy are music, toddlers and babies, books, LOTR, Narnia, Sherlock, and Dr. Who. But mostly my Lord and Savior! I am sister to 6, ranging in age from 27 to 7. I also have 8 nieces and nephews.
My favorite time periods are probably the Revolutionary War, World War II, and the 1800s. But I love all times in history! And I’m excited to begin sharing my stories.


COMING SOON: A New Life for A New World, The Diary of Henry Matthews (the first in a series of diaries)

Here is an excerpt:


April 22, 1703

We arrived in the New World this morning. Father and Mother gave me this book to record our new life within. “For your children, Henry-my grandchildren,”  Mother told me. Father, who stood with his arm around her, nodded.

We are on our way to stay with my sister and her husband, who came to the New World three years ago.

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